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Learn the Joy of MusicWhether you want to learn to sing, play piano or violin, we always work to ensure that the experience is a pleasant one.We offer a free introductory lesson to new students so that we are sure that they will be comfortable in our learning environment. Whether you want to be the next Glen Gould, the next Rock Star or just want to entertain yourself and perhaps a few friends we will work with you towards these goals.
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rudiments of theory
…and moreEnjoy you or your children learning the lifelong joy of music. Enjoy the smiles.
Music Lessons Help Children in School

The most talked about benefit children receive from piano, voice, violin, guitar and other music lessons is that it also helps with their learning process in school. Numerous studies available show children who play an instrument, score higher on both standard and spatial cognitive development tests alike. 


There are also findings that show kids who play piano, in particular, scored higher in math, especially on problems dealing with ratios and fractions. It has been shown that preschoolers who received piano lessons scored 34% higher than their nonmusical counterparts in tests measuring spatial-temporal reasoning, which is the brain function used to understand math, science and engineering.
Learn the Joy of Music


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