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Without music, life is a journey through a desert.


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There are also findings that show kids who play piano, in particular, scored higher in math, especially on problems dealing with ratios and fractions. It has been shown that preschoolers who received piano lessons scored 34% higher than their nonmusical counterparts in tests measuring spatial-temporal reasoning, which is the brain function used to understand math, science and engineering.
Learn the Joy of Music

Piano Lessons are a pleasure with Irina. Make studying the piano by taking piano lessons a joyful experience for yourself and members of your family. Lessons are usually 30 minutes long and students will usually practice for an equal amount of time at home. The piano lessons are enjoyable. Irina is careful to ensure that each students program is tailored to their needs both emotionally and musically. Piano Lessons should always be fun. In addition Irina offers voice lessons, violin lessons and guitar lesson among other instruments. The first piano lesson is free and similarly for a voice lesson etc. Piano lessons can be for children in pre-school to adults and senior citizens. Voice lessons are very interesting for many adults. Unlike piano lessons, voice lessons often provide instant success within a few months. Whether singing karaoke, in a choir or striving to become a singing sensation, voice lessons are always a benefit. So whether it is piano lessons, guitar lessons or any musical instrument make sure it is enjoyable and make sure to call Irina. Piano lessons are reasonable priced. All piano lessons are on a Yamaha grand piano in a quiet room.


 Students feel comfortable as Irina always strives to make her lessons pleasurable. Irina’s students have gone on to study music at university and to performance careers as well. Take the opportunity to develop a love of playing music.

About Irina Tsernikova
“piano teacher”theory of music teacher”singing-master” and “choir’s conductor”.

                                                                                                                                                                                        1972-1980 Musical School, piano,
Omsk, Russia

1980-1984 Musical College of V.Y.Shebalin, specialty: “piano and theory of music”

1989-1994 Moscow University of Culture, specialty: “singing-master” and “choir’s conductor”, Moscow, Russia

Teaching Experience
1997-present Private Music Studio, Ontario, Canada
Piano, keyboard, rudiments, singing, violin teacher

2000-2010 Arcadia Academy of music
Piano, singing, theory instructor
1993-1996 Private Music Studio, Parnu, Estonia,
Principal and teacher
1993-1996 Russian gymnasia, Parnu, Estonia,
Accompanist and conductor children’s choir
1985-1993 Elementary School, Parnu, Estonia,
Music teacher
1987-1992 Cultural Palace, Parnu, Estonia
Accompanist and conductor of adult’s choir, singing-master of soloists
1986-1992 Private music lessons, Parnu, Estonia

Piano, singing and theory tutor

1983-1984 Musical School, Omsk, Russia
Piano and theory of music teacher


Testimonials Our daughter, Martina, has been taking voice lessons with Irina since the age of three. We have been very fortunate to find a music teacher who knows how to identify and develop young talents in a very fun and caring way. Irina’s energy and enthusiasm can bring out the best in her students. We are greatful for what she has done for our daughter!James amp; Merj (Woodbridge, Ontario)
Irina is a wonderful teacher! She is always professional with high expectations, but is also sensitive to her students individual needs. She has brought out the best in my daughter and has helped her to excel in her vocal skills.Annette

After a year of begging for piano lessons by our youngest we finally agreed on the condition that both our daughters would try and would have to complete a full year before quitting. Due to their age ( 6 and 12 ) and the displeasure voiced by our eldest, I was certain it would be a long year ahead as I remembered my own 5 years of lessons and the relief I felt when I could finally quit.That was when we met Irina. It is now 7 years later and the girls are 13 and 19!!Irina quickly connected with each of the girls, with their individual learning methods and musical abilities. Her endless energy, enthusiasm and love of music were and still are contagious.She has somehow managed to balance and make enjoyable the sometimes dreary requirements like, theory, posture, hand and finger positioning, timing and scales with the playing of classical, contemporary and pop music. She also encouraged our eldest to actually write out the music by ear for a song that she really wanted to learn while Irina found the music sheets. The experience while challenging was very rewarding when she compared how close she had come to the original score.Our eldest is now completing her grade 8 RCM, although quite challenging, as she is in her second year at York and the younger one is working on her grade 6 RCM. They would never have come this far were it not for Irina?s dedication, patience and passion. We are all very pleased and blessed with the gift of music Irina has brought into our family.Rose Marie amp; Dennis Murphy
Maple, ON
 Studio is located of Mapleview Blvd, between Huronia Road and Yonge Street in the south end of Barrie.                                                                  Address: 16 Danielle Crescent,
ON L4N 0Y6
Telephone: (705) 722-7747                     
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